Performance Incentives

What type of performance would you like to reward? Use incentives to reward everything from an increase in sales, to reductions in cost, from call quality and first call resolution, to customer satisfaction scores.

Use tools to set goals for the team or individuals, based on previous performance, tie the campaign to the right budget and use customised self- reporting forms or automated, metrics-based incentives with secure data upload or system integration.

When it comes to motivation incentives, regular positive reinforcement boosts continuous high performance. CultureByte’s multi-faceted communication system makes real-time updates the norm.

When you tailor incentive programmes to accommodate everyone - the top 20%, the valuable middle 60% and bottom 20% - or target specific job functions and areas of expertise, brand, product line or even geographical location, sharing success stories and milestones along the way is a powerful form of praise to bolster motivation and accountability.

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