Peer-to- peer recognition

Organisational productivity is undeniably linked to the alignment of values, and the sentiment of employees towards one another and to the shared goals of the organisation.

Peer-to-peer recognition is a powerful tool that makes your corporate values a real part of the everyday functioning in the workplace. Recognising the achievements of positive influencers in the workforce, the virtual recognition wall is a place of motivation and core values in action.

Recognition leads to an improvement in employee behaviour and individual productivity. As they relate to the success of their peers, employees are inspired to be more committed and loyal. When your team is strengthened, greater customer satisfaction and loyalty follows.

Even in bigger organisations, the virtual recognition wall creates a feeling of togetherness and community. When one employee is recognised for their contribution, the contribution of their peers and teammates also come into play. This shared identity leads to a feeling of ownership that drives performance, validates your strategy and promotes engagement on every level.

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