Management made easy

The management of a programme like this can be daunting, but to save time, the CultureByte platform offers simple-to- use tools that automate many administrative tasks and reminders, encouraging regular participation effortlessly.


Quickly and easily send out communication to participants. Frequent communication is absolutely essential to a successful programme.


Segment and target specific groups in your workforce. This ensures that the right people always see the right content at the right time.


Programme participants get a personal snapshot page where all recognition received is displayed, along with the specific core values and personal strengths exhibited by each individual.

Automated Notifications

Managers automatically receive notifications whenever a team member is recognised, as well as of any upcoming service anniversaries. The ‘To-do list’ will include reminders of nominations that need reviewing, votes and the selection of winners.

Budget Management

A simple yet comprehensive budget management tool allows permission-based access to various budgets and the issuance and tracking of point awards across the organisation. Low Budget notifications and automated Unusual Activities reports give you complete peace of mind.

Dynamic Reports

Programme activity reports are readily available in a useful and quickly customisable format, letting your administrators slice and dice as needed, and easily export the data for further analysis.

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